When was the first moment you realized that your computer had made you a slave?
or have you not realized it yet?
or do you think that you have escaped?

I realized it when I first began to use AOL … remember AOL? online chat?
Every time I would walk away from my computer it would let me know I had another message.
I thought of this today as Facebook, ‘blinged’ me to let me know I had a new message. That sound drives panic into me now because I always think it is the sound telling me that my battery is dying!
Yet, when we hear that sound, we MUST come running musn’t we? Just in case we might be missing something important.
It is why I usually keep my computer on mute.
It is also why my computer dies on me because my battery runs out. :-/
aol aging


10 thoughts on “Slaves

  1. I still have an “old” PC “tied” to the wall with electrical cords, so I don’t have to deal with batteries. The computer works well, so I’m not sure when I will finally upgrade into this century ( 😉 ) and buy a laptop or an iPad or something else. I know. I am w-a-y behind the times!
    And I turn my computer off at night and usually don’t turn it back on until after work in the afternoon or evening.
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂


    1. I shut down the wi-fi when I go to bed too. 🙂 I don’t want all those beams bouncing around my home any more than necessary. I gave up the microwave thing too. 🙂
      I got the laptop so that I wouldn’t remain so tied to a desk and could move about more.

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      1. Good reason for a laptop!
        I kinda’ like my computer “tied” to my work desk. That way, I am not always fiddlin’ on it, when I should be doing other things. 😀
        I get amazed at watching how it seems every kid in my life, who is age 8 or 10 on up to young adulthoood, has an iPad or a smart phone or other tech device and their noses are always in them. And I’m always saying, “Let’s go take a walk and look for bugs!” Or “Let’s go make some cookies!” Or “Let’s go color and paste!” Or “Let’s read books together!” Or “Let’s go visit an thrift store!” I always spoil all the computer fun! 😉 😀


    1. Oh my goodness, yes!…. Compuserve(my first), and dial up, and that horrible noise it made. They had only just come out with a way to silence that noise. 😀


  2. I use the word slave a lot. Lol. I am so hooked on my mini-I-lad and blogging. Of course, I am well known as a househusband slave. Lol. I used to be the head of a department. Now I clean the heads.


  3. My desk computer is fed in electical current by wire and my laptop battery is always linked at the electical plug when I am at home .
    Bit you are right Lynn we are somewhat slave of this machine .
    Love ❤


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