Wet again… cold again…

I love looking into the woods in winter, and you can see all the nests, and where they were hiding.


5 thoughts on “

  1. Cold and dry here, Lynn … *5 to be exact.
    3+ inches of snow coming tonight into Wednesday.
    I agree about the ‘winter woods’ and what they reveal.
    We’ve seen a couple of raccoon nests in our trees this year.
    No sign of any raccoon’s yet, though …
    thinking maybe it’s too cold even for them,
    and they decided to head south for the winter!

    Hope you’re doing well. I know it’s been a little while,
    and I’ve missed dropping in to see you …
    we lost my oldest brother last week.
    a sad and tragic story … such a loving, kindhearted, man.
    It’s been a very difficult time for our family.
    Your posts, and the comments others leave you, so often make me smile ….
    I need that, and I thank you, my friend.

    I do hope the weather drys out and warms up for you this week.
    I’ll be back to check in with you soon.
    Hugs ~


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