a pooey day

It’s not supposed to be cold today,
but it feels cold…
a wet and dreary day again.
It feels like a Harry Potter day. It does, it really does. A good day for a Harry Potter movie, or book.
It’s been a pooey day.
So with that said, I guess I will share my notes from last night.

The debates:

Fiorina loses my respect by not just answering the question but going on and putting forth her own objectives and talking down other people.

Huckabee as always spoke well about the economy.

Santorum – Good point about climate change and bringing jobs back from China to the U.S.

What should be the answer to provocation? Should we retaliate with force? How does that solve the problem? Where does it end?
Fiorina is quick to talk about retaliation but is that what we really want for every provocation?

Love the way Santorum brings a fresh view to what it means to send illegals back to their own countries… sending back people who have been given the free gift of their education and can now go home and benefit their own nations.

Love the way Huckabee put a proper perspective on the retirement issue, saying, raising the retirement age for white collar workers who’ve sat at a desk most of their lives, is a far cry different from asking those who have worked hard labor, and on their feet, all their lives, to extend their retirement when they will most likely be lucky to make it to the current retirement age as anything less than a physically crippled person.

Thank you Mike Huckabee for bringing the moral message in closing statement.

I’m not sure Ben Carson answered the question that was put to him. (?)
I think the campaign is proving too much for him.

What a huge waste of time between Trump and Cruz.
They gave a huge window for Rubio to get in there though and make his case.

“Yes, I’m angry, and I’ll gladly wear the mantle of anger. This country is a mess and until it gets fixed…”

Two people won my applause tonight… Santorum and Rubio

Did the U.S. get in bed with the devil when they took Saudi-Arabia as an ally?

I still think Kasich would make the best next president.
but I still think Rubio has to be the one we pick to beat Hilary… to win the swing voters.

Jeb obviously didn’t get the memo about the kurds that are killing the Christians.

Tension relief, thank you Chris Christie…
“No, I’m sorry Marco, you blew it”… i.e., you didn’t answer the question that was asked, so I’m going to.
Got a good laugh out of me.

Chris Christie has been looking and sounding pretty good tonight.

Rubio speaks most forcefully and with sense, and that is what we need.

The argument between Cruz and Rubio is senseless… the picture in the nation and as far as defense of the country is an ever shifting picture that requires the ability to also adjust your previous positions. A president needs to be flexible… that is the problem with the current president, he thinks he should never bend.

Jeb Bush, actually, in many ways, seems best prepared for the job of president.

I want to tell Ben Carson that I am so glad to have his voice added to these debates as we search for our next leader.

Jeb Bush gave the best closing statement… short and sweet, no special pleading.


4 thoughts on “a pooey day

  1. Lynn You put me to shame. I wish Bloomberg would run.

    I saw a cute little girl song and dance routine done at a Trump rally. Lol


  2. Sorry it was a pooey day. 😦
    It won’t be long and Spring weather will be on the way!!! I just know it! 🙂
    But, wet and cold is icky and ucky! Seems to be cold all the way to the bone. 😦


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