Funny facts…. Did you ever know the name of the lion with wings that was on the island of misfit toys? Yeah, me either.(or maybe you knew?) I’m watching The Middle and just learned that his name was King Moon Racer.King Moon Racer


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  1. I didn’t know that, Lynn.
    Wonder how they came up with the name …
    and do they even call him that in the show?
    I’ve watched ‘Rudolph’ so often I should remember … but I don’t. 😦
    Such a Christmas classic, but I haven’t seen it for awhile …
    I should go watch it to refresh my memory…
    and feel like a kid again! πŸ™‚

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    1. I know, right? What an odd name for a lion… a king… and one with wings to boot.

      Moon racer made me think of Knight Rider, or Speed Racer… Do you remember Speed Racer? I loved that show.
      or then there’s the aniime one, the moon something heroine… Sailor Moon… I had to google it!

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