Merry Monday

It’s a day… I guess like so many other days…
it is rainy today, quiet, slow… normal……. for me.

I started on a few projects last night.
I had a few thoughts this morning….. normal… for me. 🙂

That project last night… had to do with photographs.
Those thoughts this morning…
People don’t ever want to look back, do they?
So why do we take all those photographs?
Who is there to sit with us to look at them, and remember? and everyone’s memory is different anyhow.

A humorous thought I was having just before I sat down to type this up…
‘I am uncurling the curly fries, in order to heat them up.’

I have some leftover dinner from last night that I am heating up to eat today.

Now I think I see the sun trying to peek through the clouds. 🙂

Merry Monday everybody.
Jingle bells


6 thoughts on “Merry Monday

    1. lolol – you gave me quite a laugh. 😀
      My birthday is coming up soon, so you had me thinking I had missed something? … ‘Rip-Van-Winkled’ … hehehe … slept through it? (not really but it did give me pause, and a good laugh) 😀

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  1. Merry Monday to you, too!!!
    HA! Uncurling curly fries! 😀 I love that! 😛
    I think about that related to photos…very rarely do people sit down and look through them again. And if they (the one who took the photos does) do, they don’t realize most other people aren’t…don’t care. 😦 So, they have hundreds and hundreds of photos just sitting there. 😦 I’m so old, I remember the days of looking at slides on the wall! What fun we had! 🙂
    It’-Beginning-To-Look-Alot-Like-Christmas HUGS!!! 🙂
    We got snow today! But the sun peaked through eventually!


    1. I know! I loved having slide shows!
      It was better then… the better way I think… it was a family activity… a fun, family time.
      We even usually popped popcorn. 🙂
      Snow would have been prettier than the rain we had. 🙂
      Frosty snowman hugs. 🙂

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