A few things

Lynn’s life lessons

1. If it’s on the New York Times best seller list it’s best to skip it,
only 1 in 1,000 might be worth consideration,
use God’s standard as a measure of worth

2. Use God’s standard as a measure of worth

3. The Way We Were(movie) – I think it was seeing this movie when I was a young teen that made me know that I wanted to be an intelligent woman.
We are shaped by the movies we watch, the things we read, the things we hear.
see no evil, hear no evil
I understood how marriages fall apart…
the importance of choices.
I remember how heartbroken I was at the end of this movie.
I remember sneaking a sideways glance at my mother. I was crying and I couldn’t imagine that she wasn’t, but if she was, I never knew. Not at all like Amy(my daughter) and I, who would sob together over sappy shows.

Outside decorations are up. 🙂
outside decorations


3 thoughts on “A few things

  1. Yay for outside decorations! I am enjoying them everywhere I go! 🙂
    Yes, hopefully we all learn life lessons. And we hope our kids and grandkids learn the good ones earlier than we did, so they can enjoy life more. 🙂
    Twinkly-Lights HUGS!!! 🙂


  2. Our tree is up! It’s not decorated mind you and quite frankly I like it plain and simple…the grandson thinks it needs lights and ornaments though, we’ll finish that up tonight. I wish there were more movies that were truly inspiring…and left something for the imaginations!


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