Thoughts from my pillow… or as I lay on my pillow this morning

I don’t know what I think about life anymore.
I can remember once thinking that life was beautiful, that it was a gift.
I see the world differently now.

Is it because I once viewed it with young eyes?
Is it because I now view it with older yet, even though they are dimming, clearer eyes?

There is nothing beautiful about death.
There is nothing beautiful when people are starving.
There is nothing beautiful when people live in squalor and with disease…
when they have no clean water, and no good shelter or clothing.
There is nothing beautiful about killing, and cities and lives that are bombed to ruins.

I need a pick-me-up today.
What shall it be… bacon with breakfast… yes
and coffee maybe?
Maybe I better not hit myself with a double-whammy…
guess I’ll stick with tea, and enjoy my bacon. 🙂


4 thoughts on “

  1. Tea and bacon is a good pick-me-up! 🙂

    Yes, life can be tough and sad…especially as relates to children and other innocents. 😦 And I think the older we get the more we accept the reality of the world.

    But, we can continue to make life better (even beautiful) for people in so many ways…like volunteer work, donating to charities, donating food, etc. 🙂



  2. Good Moaning. (sorry, I meant morning) I pull this on my single daughter often.

    The world is a mess. it started in the Garden. The planet is full of sinners.

    You need a Starbucks break. My wife ordered a peppermint mocha yesterday..She loved it.

    I try to watch less TV news.




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