I can not be positive today.
Originally I wanted to be, but I can not.

I am not a good game player. I am not a game player at all when it comes to people. I lose. I do not play.
and if I am going to lose I would rather quit now, than lose later.

So if we want to name a positive about myself today…
I am not a game player….

which, as it turns out, is a positive about me,
but also a negative, since it only grieves me as the game players that I can not keep from touching my life, best me in their games and insincerity.

I want to retreat from life.


9 thoughts on “Positivity/Negativity

  1. I understand, SweetLynn. 😦 I’m sorry you are having to deal with this. 😦
    I have a SIL who likes to game play with people and their emotions. And she always has to be the winner.
    She found out decades ago that I won’t “play along” or respond in the way she wants people to respond…so she doesn’t try it very often with me anymore. But, it’s frustrating to see her hurting other people. 😦
    I wrote a poem about this once.

    I just now found it…
    She’s always enjoyed a game, sports
    Computer, video, cards, and board

    But, she hates that people make life a game
    No, not the game of Life, life a game
    She hates that life has become a game

    When it comes to looks, she loses
    When it comes to age, she loses
    When it comes to emotions, she loses
    When it comes to intelligence, she loses
    When it comes to talent, she loses
    When it comes to rules, she loses
    When it comes to success, she loses
    When it comes to competition, she loses
    Every way every time, she loses

    Someone said
    When it comes to life
    You can’t just fold up the board
    And quit playing the game

    But she knows better
    She knows you can

    Tonight she’s putting away all the pieces
    She’s folding up the board
    She’s closing the lid

    She’s decided to quit playing
    She’s done
    No more
    She’s advancing to the Finish Line
    Ahead of time
    Game over
    The End


    Sometimes giving up doesn’t mean you’re weak
    It just means you’re strong enough to let go…



  2. I can understand that. With the news of the day and people who are willingly ignorant it is hard to stay positive. I hope your day is good anyways!


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