Lizard tales and woes

single tear smiley
I’m feeling very somber today.
On Sunday I found an injured lizard on my deck… I tried to do what I could to make him comfortable, and yesterday he looked like he would recover. Today I found him deceased.
I hope his passing was not too hard. I could not bring myself to just kill him myself, and wanted to do what was most humane for him. I am sad thinking that he may have suffered for two whole days.


5 thoughts on “Lizard tales and woes

  1. Aw. šŸ˜¦ May he rest in peace.
    Thank you for trying to help him. It is so kind of you to try . All we can do is try. And to be kind, compassionate and humane to all creatures is the way everyone should live.
    I am like you…I am sad to see an injured or dead bird, reptile, or animal. šŸ˜¦ I’ve buried a few in my backyard.

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