Sometimes I just wish
I could be frivolous.
I’m in love with this dish.
butterfly meadow baby divided dish

Some clarification…. It’s Lennox and costs $40, and that’s the on-sale price.  :-O

I’m in love with this Cross too… also $40… not on sale.
Croix de Baptisme


9 thoughts on “

  1. You can buy the cross at the Canadian company . At first I thought it was a cross to wear on the chest with a neck lacebut janine explained yo me it was for hang at the wall
    If you are in love with this cross ,, do not hesit,,Lynn, buy it . if not you will regret.
    Loye ❤


  2. You have GREAT taste! Now I’m in love with both of them!
    Ooh, I hope and wish and hope there would be a way you could buy them!
    Maybe save up and splurge on you…treat yourself to one or both. ???
    Thank you so so SO much for the snail-mail card I got from you! It is one of the cutest cards ever! It made me laugh! And I am (already) kicking up my feet and dancing again! I have the card sitting on my desk so I can enjoy it! 🙂
    Red-Footed-Boobies-HUGS!!! 😛


    1. Now I am cracking up again…. ‘Nobody’ is going to understand that last sentence. LOL
      This time you had me laughing so hard I have tears. 😀
      Of course that doesn’t precisely take alot at this allergy time of year… season of congested head syndrome. 😛

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      1. Maybe I should have said that the card you sent me has dancing Red-Footed Boobie birds on it…and they are dancing! 😛
        Yes, tis the season (allergy)! But, glad I might have contributed to your watery eyes! 😀
        (((HUGS))) 🙂


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