as I was dusting today…
I keep trying to convince myself I don’t need all these things…
but these things are connected to my life…
and while I would be fine without them, I feel that they should be held onto, to pass on, to preserve and share history.
Haven’t people done this throughout the ages… tried to preserve and share history?
and yet, I feel overwhelmed with things…
I feel I would be freer without all these things,
and should I free myself, and not worry or care about these things?
then there are those times when I think of a certain thing, and am glad it is still around…
so what to do,
what to do about the things…
Men it seems have a much easier time not attaching to things… to live only in the present moment and discard all past and future thoughts.


13 thoughts on “Things…

  1. It is much easier for me to live in the present, and I am involved, and have been involved, in 12 step meeting and programs of many years, so staying in the present is where I want to be. I do not get all of the dust bunnies or dust but I am in there making the effort and for any o fun, that is good enough.


  2. Well, we can’t take any of it with us when we die…but, I think if it brings us joy or makes us smile or was given to us by someone special…we should keep some of those things around. And if our kids like some of it, it will be passed on to them…or it will end up in a garage sale or thrift store. 😉 then hopefully someone else will get joy from it. 🙂
    Shoot, now I am thinking I need to dust. Get the summer dustbunnies off on their Winter vacation! 😉 😛

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