Shall I?

Next round….
boxing ring
I gave my overview of the Republican debate so here goes on the Dem’s.
Here’s my notes:

I think the only mistake in Iraq, and with the support of the arab spring, was in thinking that part of the world had finally reached our level of civilization…
that they might save themselves, from themselves….

Watching the democratic debate is like watching a lot of children fighting on the playground. 😦

Can’t for the life of me see why anyone is supporting either Bernie Sanders, or Hilary Clinton.

I think I like O’Malley — scratch that —

Bernie Sanders talks about the shrinking middle class….
Does anybody really think the democrats care about or do anything that will save the middle class? All the democrats do is increase the size of the lower class… and keep taking from the middle class.

Ugh, can’t believe they are feeding the racist myth!

Thank you Senator Webb….’EVERY life matters’! CORRECT answer.

Bernie Sanders… wants to raise the minimum wage to $15, instead of letting the free markets decide… and thus putting businesses out of business, instead of creating jobs. BAD plan.

I don’t agree that the economy ‘does better when there is a democrat in the white house’ (according to Hilary Clinton). The only time the economy does better when there is a democrat in the white house, is when a republican has gone before and put conservative practices back into place. The democrats always take us into a hole if left in power.

Hilary did so well with healthcare(NOT)(not to even talk about Benghazi)… why would we trust her with restructuring the financial system?

I hate a government that thinks that government has all the answers and should have all the controls, instead of recognizing that free markets, and business creates better solutions. This is the problem with democrats… they think they should institute all the answers instead of trusting the system their forefathers built.

It irritates me to hear Hilary speaking of how ‘she is going to help the people who need it the most’… meaning that ‘she’ (the government) gets to decide ‘who needs it most’.  How would she have any idea?  She thought she was poor. :-/
Government needs to get out, and let people take charge of their own lives!

and when they get to the immigrants issue…. don’t even get me started.

The democrats will ruin us… sink us.
They are so blind to the realities threatening the future of the nation.

Politics as usual with the democrats…. look for a way to attack and blame the other party, instead of talking about what their own party can and should do. … blame, blame, blame… the easiest way to escape any real accountability.

Hilary is just so much same ole’, same ole’… ugh…

Seriously… what has Hilary done to recommend her for the job of presidency???
‘experience of a lifetime’… but what has it accomplished?
all she has to speak for her is that she is a woman.

The marijuana myth…
people are not in prison for simple marijuana use…
the people in prison for drugs are in much deeper than simply smoking marijuana in their living rooms, or in their cars…
almost nobody does just marijuana… if they are doing marijuana they are almost never doing just marijuana but other drugs as well, and involved in the peddling of drugs… these are the people that are in the prisons because we have a ‘war on drugs’…
and the biggest drug problem we have is with prescription drugs.
Encouraging drug use by removing the stigma and lawlessness attached is not going to help solve the drug problem
What is going to help solve the drug problem is to get at the root of the problems that are causing people to self medicate through drugs and alcohol.
The cure will come in the form of providing better solutions to people’s problems that they are trying to escape from. When people have gainful employment, a stable home, and hope for the future…

Chaffey earns points for…
yes… let’s stop talking about ‘the black american problem’, and start recognizing the truly disenfranshised in the nation… the native american people.

O’Malley loses points in his final summation for immediately going to the attack on the republican debate, rather than simply focusing on his own points and goals. and loses points for his stance on the homosexual agenda.

Bernie Sanders advocates standing up against the billionaire class… I hope he recognizes that Hilary Clinton is part of that billionaire class.

Bernie talks about the 30+ unemployment for black youth, and 30+ unemployment for hispanic youth…
What about the unemployment rate for white youth? Who says it isn’t the same?

It’s laughable to listen to Hilary talk about how the wealthy pay too little in taxes…
She does realize that she is one of the people more than happy to take advantage of all the loopholes and pay less in taxes?

The end.


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