More in the news…

If any place on earth needs to be ‘fundamentally transformed’
it is the mid-east.

‘If we withdraw from Iraq the world will become a much more dangerous place.’
It has happened.

Bombs don’t have the effect they once did…
people(governments) just don’t care anymore about people getting killed.
Bombs used to have a scare effect… encouraging negotiation to avoid devastation…
but today devastation seems to be acceptable…
it has no effect to stop wars.
No one wants to be the soldier ‘on the ground’, so let’s just keep dropping bombs that have no effect in stopping wars? No one raises the white flag of surrender anymore because of bombs.

Speaker of the House – no one wants the job – Is it any surprise?
Pretty soon, no one will want the jobs of governance…. at least not the good people of the nation… Scary thoughts
I think people ought to recognize the circumstances and be a bit more kind in their opinions now of Speaker Boehner. At least he took the job.

President Obama not wanted in Oregon…
President Obama goes anyway… :-/
but has he visited the man who was shot 7 times to stop the shooter,
and has he made any mention of the injustice of people being singled out for killing because they are Christians?
Oregon hero


2 thoughts on “More in the news…

  1. Today we heard that Russia bombed Iran by mistake instead of Syria and oh man i am waiting to see what the fall to from that is.


  2. The world is a mess. The only good news I have heard is that astronomers have confirmed their susupicion. The universe is dying and one days all the lights will go out. lol However, God said He is going to turn the switch off one day and give us a new one.


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