in the news…. and such as makes me run away…

So much to say about what is in the news….

I knew I liked Rubio. He has clear vision.

Marco Rubio Accurately Predicted Russia’s Syria Airstrikes Weeks Ago at GOP Debate”

Rubio: “Here’s what you’re going to see in the next few weeks: the Russians will begin to fly combat missions in that region, not just targeting ISIS, but in order to prop up Assad. He will also, then, turn to other countries in the region and say, ‘America is no longer a reliable ally, Egypt. America is no longer a reliable ally, Saudi Arabia. Begin to rely on us.’”

“What he is doing is he is trying to replace us as the single most important power broker in the Middle East, and this president is allowing it.”

Oct. 1st – BREAKING: Iraqi PM Abadi says would welcome Russian airstrikes in Iraq, expresses disappointment with U.S.-led coalition – FR24

I like Jindal too. – First to defund Planned Parenthood in his state and working to help other states know how to do the same.

“Nothing illustrates the contrast between the Muslim world and the West than Christians fleeing Iranian persecution.”
– Richard Landes, Center of Millennial Studies at Boston University.

Good grief,
muslims want to establish a caliphate (Ottoman glory)
Putin wants to resurrect the U.S.S.R (Russian empire)
What would happen if Great Britain wanted to reestablish their empire?

train derailment in Virginia, goes down embankment…. that had to be some ride!

Obama’s hypocrisy
“Here in America we cherish our religious freedoms…”
um… as long as it’s not Christian religious liberty?

Obama on religious persecution around the world…
“including Christian” – how about mainly Christians

This is why I never listen to Obama speak…
He turns my stomach and puts it in knots.

Obama is a product of his islamic upbringing… contradictory at every turn…. speaking out of both sides of the mouth… with a forked tongue… just like the one that created the islamic religion.

Does everybody know about Dan Quinn – dismissed from the armed services for beating up an Afghani soldier that had a boy chained to a bed for the purposes of sexually abusing him?  Told to ‘look the other way’ because it’s part of ‘their culture’????   It’s called boy play, or in their language… bacha bazi.  If you can stand to read the article, it’s pretty sickening, but I have provided the link.

“The practice is called bacha bazi, literally ‘boy play,’ and American soldiers and Marines have been instructed not to intervene – in some cases, not even when their Afghan allies have abused boys on military bases, according to interviews and court records. …”

I think it’s time for some insubordination in the armed services.

I just get so angry when I listen to the news these days.

I heard the father of Oregon shooter speak on the radio this morning, and I am struck… why does no one sound like they come from america anymore? Where is this guy from?
Then I see him speaking on a video, on CNN, and he is so unemotional after his son’s death, and he talks about ‘how did he get 13 guns’ and starts talking about ‘gun tragedy in this country’? Really?
He doesn’t talk about his son’s mental state, he talks about guns?
He doesn’t talk about how saddened he is, he talks about guns?
He doesn’t seem at all devastated, but only wants to talk about guns?
Something is wrong with this picture.
No news source is talking about how 17 people were just shot, 10 died, because they were Christians… they are only talking about guns?
Something is very wrong with this picture.

So I took the last few days off. The above is all the news that made it necessary for me to take a respite… from the world in general.

Partial quote – Rick Warren

In today’s society,
materialism is idolized,
immorality is glamorized,
truth is minimized,
sin is normalized,
divorce is rationalized,
and abortion is legalized.

In TV and movies,
crime is legitimized,
drug use is minimized,
comedy is vulgarized,
sex is trivialized,
the Bible is fictionalized,
churches are satirized,
God is marginalized,
and Christians are demonized.
The elderly are dehumanized,
the sick are euthanized,
the poor are victimized,
the mentally ill are ostracized,
and children are tranquilized.

In families around the world,
our manners are uncivilized,
speech is vulgarized,
faith is secularized,
and everything is commercialized.

“Unfortunately, Christians, you and I
are often disorganized and demoralized,
our faith is compartmentalized,
and our witness is compromised.


2 thoughts on “in the news…. and such as makes me run away…

  1. Sounds like the time Christianity firrst started. Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ said he loved this. The light of Jesus gets brighter and brighter as the world gets darker and darker.

    My wife on th other hand says the Rapture must be near.

    I say look at the wearther in the USA and now one is calling on the one true God for mercy–yet.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I understand your distress ,Lynn. In France it is the same . The country is dechristianised and in my ma family included . But as Frank says above we still meet some germs of Christianity here and there . We have to show our faith and act .with hope.
    Love ❤


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