It is amazing how very much the change of season can be sensed;
it can be heard in the change of the sound of the wind in the trees
it can be seen in the early onset of the dusk
it can be felt in the crisp damp of the air
September ending, October beginning


7 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Happy Autumn to you, Lynn, and that was beautifully said! 🙂
    Autumn, or Fall, whichever one prefers, is definitely my favorite time of year, followed by Spring.
    I love the color of an evening sunset with that ‘orangey’ glow, and how the shadows grow long.
    It’s also the time I start digging for those cozy sweaters and my hot cocoa, too! 🙂
    It’s sad that Fall doesn’t last very long, just like the Spring, so we enjoy it while we have it.
    We’ve had quite a stretch of nice weather, although we do need the rain.
    My grass is beginning to turn a (not so lovely) shade of yellow!
    Hope you’re doing well, my friend! 🙂


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