and it’sssss….. JstNotherDay

It makes for a very bad day when I have to get on the phone and handle stuff and nonsense… i.e., AT&T

My myriad of thoughts:

I am now switching over to Time Warner…. please Lord let their word be true.
My neatly ordered life is out of order.
(I do not like it)
I am working to get things in order, looking forward with a certain peace of mind, to the coming year.
Do you ever look back
and wonder
why do other people seem to have such nice lives?
I have been looking forward to September, with expectation and hope.
ember in the dust
A single note passes out of the ashes
A flickering ember begins
It’s the courage to turn when the pages have burned
And your story now seems at an end
Seasons stay and seasons go
Sending your memories adrift
single ember
And the echoes of your melody will always live in these walls
(Josh Groban, the Mystery of your Gift)


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