Has anyone ever seen the moon go down?
I am completely baffled.

It’s 5:45 am and out one window I’m distracted by stars winkin’ and blinkin’ brighter than ever,
so I look out the other window to see where the moon has gotten to,
and there, sinking behind the pine trees, is a beautiful full yellow moon.

I knew about sunrise and sunset but not moonrise and moonset.
I’ve never before observed a moonset, and only recently have become aware of the moon rises.

My dining/sunroom gives me a view of moonrise, and moonset.
It is amazing.

Oh, I wish I could have gotten a photo!


11 thoughts on “Moonset

    1. It was just amazing is all I can say, but I’m sure that’s partly because it was a full moon, and clear skies, and it was glowing a magnificent yellow behind the trees almost at earth level… not really in the sky as I am so used to, and I guess I never thought of it being anywhere else but high in the sky.


  1. We have too many trees to see the moon rise, or even set, around here .. oh, but I do love my trees! Unfortunately, they’re coming soon to take down one of our large, mostly dead, maple trees that sits just outside the kitchen window. The landlord is afraid it might fall over on the house with another storm, still, it will be a very sad day around here for me, and for the birds! Although, I suppose there is an upside to it besides having a good amount of firewood to burn … I just might be able to see more of that moon rise once it’s down! 🙂


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