Fiction Friday…

in honor of Frank, and the ideas he puts into my head. 😀

Blood on the Pillow (inspired by Frank’s title, and Fiction Friday’s)

The bad dreams brought me around, out of sleep.
Why? Why was I having such dreams.
I put on the light, whispering a prayer,
‘Yshwe, into this light I commend Your spirit, keep all evil from me’.
I went and relieved myself, and coming back into the room, that is when I saw it, the blood on the pillow.
But if it wasn’t mine? Here I was after all, wasn’t I, up and walking around?
There was only one pillow. There was only me that slept in the bed, and there it was, that pillow, covered in blood.
I stumbled around trying to clear the fog from my head, trying to get my eyes to adjust, maybe if I would put on my glasses…
and as I went to get them from the nightstand, that is when I saw, there I was on the bed, next to the blood covered pillow. How could it be?
and then I realized, saw the truth, the bad dream hadn’t been a bad dream at all. It had been real.
Now there were people pushing past me to get to the body, the body that was me, laying on the bed. They took it away, and I followed, seemingly drawn along by some invisible thread. I watched as my body was loaded into an ambulance, and followed once again, I don’t know how, floating, sailing along with the ambulance.
Soon we were at the hospital, and now it seemed I was facing the choice… to leave or to stay. Would I re-enter my body and go on, or give up the ghost? It was time to make a choice…
and suddenly I was awake. This time, really awake.
I rushed to put on the lamp and saw…
there was no blood on the pillow, it had all been a dream after all…..
or had it? 😀


11 thoughts on “Fiction Friday…

  1. Wow, Lynn. I am honored. I do have influence after all. I make gals have nighmares and write about it. Sounds like your dream had a dream within a dream. Clever. You should be a writer.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You are right,Lynn , the ” bloody pillow ” excites the imagination .
    But There is more :
    The famous bloody pillow is a flying pillow , landing here and there .:)
    I Wonder where this pillow will ve going after your place ! 🙂
    Take care:)


    1. Hi MIchel, Your comment made me think of Aladdin’s flying carpet….
      then it made me think of a pillow fight. 😀
      I wouldn’t want to have a pillow fight with a bloody pillow though. o_O


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