Why always at 5?

Well, the storms came today…. and BOY did they come…
5 inches per hour the rain was coming down
and the weather map… solid lightning strikes!
and it amazes me to see birds that are up there flying through that.  I saw one today.  Lightning all around, and he sailed on through.  Amazing.
My daughter called, shook up, because she almost got flooded off the road on the way home from work. She had no idea what she was going to be driving into when she left work. It hit her halfway home. I always fret when these storms come along. I was sitting here praying just before she called, asking, “Lord, why always at 5:00?”


12 thoughts on “Why always at 5?

    1. It came down fast…. that’s why the roads flood, but it lasted only about an hour, so I guess that means we got about 5 inches of rain? I guess that is alot.


    1. Thanks Carolyn. I was a bit shocked when I watched the news… something I usually don’t do… there was some pretty serious damage from the storms. One car was trapped in the middle of a road due to a convenience store roof that had blown off. Amazingly the car looked undamaged… just surrounded by the roofing metal. Glad that driver was alright, and so relieved it was not my daughter that was caught.

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  1. I understand about storm . Yesterday I was in the veggie garden and all of sudden a violent wind folded the big walnut tree not far of me and I wondered if the tree was not going to fall on me ! Frightening !


    1. Hi Michel, Is it just that we age and become more aware, or do you agree that the storms we are having in these days are quite unusual?
      I am very glad that the walnut tree did not fall on you.


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