Ok, WordPress…. what’d ya do? Changing things up again. I do not like these changes. 😦

Last night’s reflections
Two of the hardest concepts:

First step to both = God

Today’s observations
I like the thunder – I feel it is the voice of God
… the lightning also
Today God speaks….
(though I know not what He says)

In case it wasn’t clear…. it is thundering and raining here today.  😀
Lots of thunder, which is unusual, since it is such a gentle rain. Some pretty good lightning too. I was not expecting that. (flashes, not streaks… looks just like someone taking pictures)

I think I want to eat now.  😛


6 thoughts on “

  1. It is just plain hot here today and humid although it is hot it it taking forever for the towels to dry.

    The pups and I really don’t like thunder that well it makes me nervous.


  2. What did you eat?!
    Pudding?! 😉 😛
    Yes, EGADS, on the WordPress changes today! It will take some getting used to. 😮
    I always welcome the rain! It brings (to me) a calm and peaceful feeling. 🙂

    Q: What do you call it when it rains chickens and ducks?
    A: Fowl weather.
    HUGS!!! 😛


  3. I think it rains gators and frogs, and turtles around here. What would you call that? 😉

    No pudding today. 😦 I’ve been wanting to make some egg custard for over a week now. That’s what will be next.
    I made potato salad this week, so that’s my go to for now. 🙂


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