Mother’s Heart

My morning began with dreams of my daughter.
My only connection to you any more(my dear daughter) is in sleep, where you come to me so vividly, but where I am so impotent. I just want to stay there, in sleep, cling to that little which I have of you.
How does a mother explain her heart for her child… for her children? How can she? It is a feeling that goes so deep, built of many memories.
me  Beautiful Amy 2


4 thoughts on “Mother’s Heart

  1. Your daughter is beautiful!
    It’s impossible to explain a Mother’s heart. Only another good mother who loves her children can understand.
    I often dream about my youngest a lot…most good dreams, some not so good. She is one of my best friends. All of my kids are GREAT, but she and I have a really deep connection…I think it’s because we are a lot alike and because she was very ill as a child, so she and I spent a lot of time together. When I dream of her and it’s a scary dream, I always call her…and weirdly often she’s had a bad day. She thinks that is so weird, but cool, that I always know from my dreams how she is doing. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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