I’ve joined a scavenger hunt, or at least I think I have, if I understand the concept.

June’s Scavenger Hunt:

1. Wild Rice 2. Caterpillar 3. Buttercups 4. Pan 5. Peaches 6. Wilds 7. Arrow 8. Bait 9. Elephants 10. Waltz 11. Canyon 12. Leather 13. Pajamas 14. Wars 15. Celadon 16. Rope 17. Flood 18. Melon 19. Flesh 20. Utopia 21. Quilt 22. Apology 23. Trap 24. Brambles 25. Ale 26. Earwig 27. Beetroot 28. Lavender 29. Sundog 30. Boots.

Today is day 24….

life can be full of them.
We encounter them when we go off the path.
They can clutch and tear at us,
and if we are wise to turn around and go back to the path we are saved from them.
If we continue stubbornly onward in our own way, we can be relentlessly scratched, create wounds that can even become infected, and then need to be purged.
I guess some people have higher pain tolerances than others.
I prefer to remain relatively undamaged, and would like to see others, as little damaged as possible.
I try to direct away from the brambles.
Sometimes though, they even attempt to overgrow the path, reaching to pull those who are not strong, off, and into their grasps.
It is then, that others, must go to their rescue,
cut away the brambles,
free the spirit that has been caught,
apply the salve,
bind the wounds,
give time to heal.


2 thoughts on “Brambles

  1. True words, good advice!
    I’ve been through some brambles…some I wish I could remove forever…others I realize helped me to learn and grow. And they helped me to be more compassionate and helpful to others who are in the brambles.
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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