and here it is…

Ok, it went from,

‘nothing’s gonna happen’  (as big gray clouds moved over, and seemed to be passing)
to, now we’re having a downpour, and lots of lightning,
and flickering lights…

Oh well, to be sure, the computer will still be running if we lose power…
that is, for at least as long as the battery lasts. 🙂

Oh… scratch that…
if I lose power, I lose Wi-Fi.

Oh well, it seems to be passing quickly…
but I am often wrong on that score.

So what I do have, (if power goes out)
is my little MP3 player, (for as long as the battery lasts)
or I could light an oil lamp and read a book,
or I could just take a nap? 😀

The lightning here near the beach is frightful.


3 thoughts on “and here it is…

  1. Yes, be like Abe Lincoln and read by lamplight. 🙂 Or eat pudding!!! 😉 😛
    Glad you got some rain. But the storm is often scary.
    If I feel safe, I sit on my porch and watch the “show”.
    HUGS!!! 🙂


  2. hehehe – I could have eaten pudding. I happen to have some butterscotch pudding made. Too bad you can’t visit. 🙂
    Last night did not feel safe! Not at all. 😮


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