rumbles in the distance and change

Listening to the rumbles, rumble, as another storm approaches from a distance.  🙂

Re-arranged furniture today… nice after 4 years of the same ol’, same ol’…  got to clean behind things which always feels good to do.  When I learned we were going to be having 90+ temp.’s for more than a week, I decided the furniture needed to be arranged so that I could have my A/C running pretty much constantly without it blowing on me when I sit on my couch.

I’m liking the change… the new openness.  🙂

The cat will be confused… and probably a problem, next time she visits.  lol  The couch now sits too close to the window over the stairwell that always tempts her, and it’s far too easy to hide herself behind the couch now in order to jump up there.   It shall be interesting.   😛


5 thoughts on “rumbles in the distance and change

    1. Hi MIchel, It’s about the only change I do like… the rearranging of the furniture in the house. 🙂 I do like to change my inner spaces around.
      I don’t know if it’s a woman thing. I had my daughter helping me, and she doesn’t understand at all. She likes to leave things one way. 🙂
      But I agree… the cat will have problems with it. lol She will probably be suspicious and fearful the next time she visits… and then she will get curious about that window. 😛

      I am laughing now thinking of your statement about it being a ‘womanly habit’… chuckle… to make men do work they deem unnecessary…. chuckle, yes, it might seem that way. 😀 It is good to get behind the things and clean. Have you noticed, the men move the furniture, the women go behind them and clean where the furniture used to be. 🙂


      1. Perhaps we can find a wee bit of laziness of the man about the move of furniture . I agree .yes! 😉
        However I tend to think of the cat. She is blessed. In you home this is a permanent adventure ! 🙂
        No boring at all! 🙂
        Love ❤


  1. HA! Always fun to change around the furniture and confuse the pets and the human-beans! 😉 😛
    I’m glad you are enjoying the change!
    Rumble rumble! I love the summer storms! 🙂 Ha! Makes me think of Winnie the Pooh who always had a “rumbly” in his tummy! 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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