God sends His blessings

God sends His blessings, makes me take a pause, time to think.

On Tuesday…
A child, whom I didn’t know, come to visit with their mother at my neighbor’s,
spontaneously gave me a hug as I was going out my door.
What a gift from God. What a blessing to my soul.


4 thoughts on “God sends His blessings

  1. Oh, nothing more beautiful or loving! And a “sign” of so many positive things! 🙂
    Glad this happened to you! 🙂
    One time one of my pre-school-aged great-nieces hugged me, then hugged me again as she said, “Ooh! You smell like Play-Doh!”
    I took it as a compliment! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂


  2. I di not realized this was your latest post ;Lynn . I add to say I had BIG laugh at seeing your daughter’s cartoon :). Quite approprite to the situation and me ! And I discovered my adventures was not exceptional and this happens or happened to some people on WordPress.
    Thak you ,Lynn, for this drop of goos moos !
    Love ❤


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