two sentinels :-)

two dragonflies
two sentinels…
little drones ?
two dragonflies visited… landed on my tomato plant today as I went out onto my porch…
It is hot…
really hot…
a nice change from the A/C
but then nice to come back into the A/C.  🙂

Why sitting outside feels so much better than air conditioning…
When you sit outside you have to wait…
wait for the breeze,
just like we have to learn to wait….
wait on the Lord…
then when that breeze comes,
it feels so good…
the joy of delayed gratification.
There are lessons in nature.
When all the needs are readily and constantly met,
we promote the mundane,
remove the joys from living.


3 thoughts on “two sentinels :-)

  1. I love the little dragonflies. I’m the same way … I enjoy the heat outside, but am glad to come back inside to the coolness!
    I love the correlation that you made: waiting for breeze, & waiting on the Lord. Great post!


  2. Excellent thoughts and wisdom! 🙂
    I think dragonflies are so fascinating! I love watching them!
    Their gauzy, iridescent wings look so delicate, but they are so strong! 🙂
    I like feeling the summer sun, but am happy for the AC, too!
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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