Going into the 90’s for the next week… oh goody… Not.
heatwave sun


5 thoughts on “Heatwave

  1. Gosh! Heatwave, indeed! Bring on the lemonade and iced tea to drink, and the frozen foods to hold on your body! 😉 😛
    Ha! I was gonna’ share the song Heatwave with you, but this one is more fun:

    Cool-HUGS!!! 🙂


    1. Hi Carolyn, Thanks for the fun song, and the cool hugs. 😀

      I’ve just recently discovered cold-brewed peach, and lady grey teas, made by Twinings… Yummm… they are the perfect refreshers and providers of the mental escape needed on these stifling days. 🙂 I can escape to wherever I want in my mind, sipping a nice refreshing iced tea. 🙂 My ‘escape to’ place would be a lake, with a porch for sitting, where I can feel the breeze off the water, and a dock, for diving in, to take an early morning, or late afternoon, swim. 🙂

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    1. Yes, farmers always have battle to do with the weather one way or another, don’t they? While one needs rain, another needs it not to rain. 🙂
      Are you having high heat there as well?
      It is so terrible what was happening in India. I can not complain, I at least have resources such as air conditioning, and fans, and electric to power them. If I did not, I would have to hope to be able to find water to lay in all day, I think… and even that I can do, here in my bathtub… but not so easy for those in India is it? I wish all in the world could have a better way of life.


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