Life and lessons

Today is Ascension Thursday… a very special day

Egret Pointe magnolia

I noticed today the Magnolia tree… I call it my Magnolia tree, because it sits just at the edge of the woods in from of my porch and is as tall as my second floor porch…
well, I noticed it is in bloom… I will miss that when I move… If I can ever find a place to move to.

I did some reading today….

“Wendell”, she said, (talking to the cat) “I see why you’re such a good counselor. I’m going to do it your way from now on. You know how to keep your mouth shut and listen.”

A lesson I am trying to learn.

in other thoughts;
Why is it, no matter how much I seem to clear up my surfaces, they always end up cluttered up?
bathroom counter-tops, kitchen counter-tops, dining tables, desktops, dresser tops… I can never keep them uncluttered…
I frustrate myself. 😛


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